Corporate policy on quality, the environment, energy and safety at work

Satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do in our company. It is only by ensuring customer satisfaction that our employees’ jobs are safeguarded and the confidence of our shareholders in the Bitterfeld location is retained.

Motivated employees

Motivated employees are the backbone of our company. All suggestions for improvement made - whether made by our employees or by people outside our company - are evaluated promptly. Any suggestions that produce benefits are remunerated in a clear and transparent manner.

Authorities and neighbours

We are committed to complying with all relevant statutory provisions and regulations and we maintain a constructive and open dialogue with the authorities and our neighbours.


As a company with an international outlook we are able to respond to the constantly changing demands of the global market. Utilising the innovations we have developed our objective is to closely involve and support our customers right at the start of their development work

Safety at work

We want all our employees to return to their families and friends healthy and well at the end of each working day. Incentives are offered to encourage all employees to identify potential risks at the outset and to work in a safety conscious manner. The continuous improvement of the working environment must always be in line with our optimisation of procedures and quality standards.

Environmental protection and conservation of resources

Our processes undergo continuous review and revision in order to conserve natural resources and to reduce any adverse effects on the environment. A continuous improvement process increases our energy efficiency as well.

Fairness and trust

Trust, fairness and transparency are the hallmarks of the way we work together as a team at MOLYMET Germany. The expertise, commitment, creativity and integrity of our employees are vital to our company’s success. We help our employees improve their skills and capabilities by the provision of training and development courses, as well as promoting their health and wellbeing.


Internal and external audits are carried out on a regular basis to check the effectiveness of our quality, environment and energy management. We actively involve our business partners and interested parties in the  development of our quality, environment and energy standards.

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